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Giver Managed Relationships

There is a growing consensus among business-to-customer (B2C) experts that “marketers don’t know their customers as well as they think they do.” The main reason for this is the woeful inadequacy of the data used by existing customer relationship management (CRM) programs. Making matters worse is the prevailing mindset among marketers that disregards the importance of figuring out what kind of a relationship customers are looking for.

The same is true among nonprofits. In fact, the stakes are even higher.

Charitable giving is driven by our personal passions and relationships. Motivations, preferences, passions, and relationships can vary widely among givers. It’s almost impossible for his charities to design nonprofit marketing strategies that build a meaningful personal relationship with each giver based on their specific passions and relationships.

At Virtuous, we’re trying fix this problem analyzing financial, social, and other personal data, we can give your non-profit rich insights into each giver: their passions, talents, friends, family, and more. Then we’ll help you build meaningful, lasting relationships around the mission of each organization. The goal is to allow givers to self-identify a broad set of data about themselves to allow for a rich “giver managed” relationship.

Givers aren’t robots who respond to algorithms. They’re people. And when they’re empowered to self-identify their passions and preferences, they become more than mere donors – they become PART of your organization, eager to invite others into a contagious movement of generosity.

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Gabe Cooper
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